Monday, 19 July 2010


It would appear I am barely blogging at all. My personal dashboard, however, tells a very different story. Drafts and drafts, half written blog posts, a few downloaded photos framed by some bullet point notes. Waiting to be finished until they are no longer relevant.

My university application, too, all in draft form.

The assignment you see peaking between the lined paper and keyboard: still in theoretical form.

My summer plans: a vague outline, ready to shift at any moment.

Things are slowly crawling towards a close, but they are still unfinished. Tomorrow, the final year of my childhood begins.

And yet my future is still all in draft form.


  1. Have you read "Bird by Bird"? If not, I highly recommend. She has a wonderful chapter on the Sh*tty first draft that I think you will love.
    p.s. I love the two colours of ink in your personal statement. The 'please' sets a nice tone.;-)

  2. I thought about writing the same thing for my post graduate essay, maybe I should have! You've got to admit, it's brave :)
    Shoot me an email, I'd love to hear more about your pending future!

    ps~ Im in London live!

  3. Ah, loving that first draft! Loads of my friends also had similar drafts for their personal statements funny enough. Hope you write a successful final draft :)