Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I have just finished a string of incredibly stressful and important exams - I haven't actually mentioned it on my blog; considering how much it bores me, I didn't think it would be the most fascinating piece of information I might have to share.

I came home yesterday feeling better than I have after any other exam. I think it was a combination of it 1) Being my weakest subject, so less pressure and expectation 2) Going so much better than I expected 3) Being my last exam - I really was past caring!

So I was feeling pretty lucky when I went home and received a parcel. It it was a keyring from Ollie & Nic. I was very confused, as I had not ordered anything from there, until I saw the little card that was also in there: an adorable pink A5 card with pink bows all over it. Apparently I came runner-up in a competition, so the keyring was a consolation prize. This year I started entering a lot of these competitions so I can't even remember what the first prize was, so I didn't feel the need to be consoled at all and was completely charmed instead.

I don't count myself as superstitious with all the regular fears of ladders, black cats and mirrors, but for my last two exams I took off the lucky necklace I normally wear because it felt negative. I'm not sure I can describe it - it felt like any positivity it gave me had been worn off by all the difficulties it has had to see me through over the past year and a half - but wearing it made me feel unlucky. But it's all good; I think I've found my new lucky charm.


  1. Aww, this is cute! I completely understand the luckyness of the charm wearing out, I am always looking for new lucky charms!

  2. No worries about missing the show. Its was fun and we had a good time doing it. No shows yet but hopefully when I get over there next month I will be booking some (fingers crossed)

    Cute key ring, I bet that was a pleasant surprise to get :)

  3. It's absolutely darling!

  4. Yay for unexpected prizes!