Friday, 11 June 2010


You guys, I have SO much to write about. It's as if I have been keeping a firmly locked box of colours and just now sprung open the lock, and all the colours have poured out making everything interesting and exciting and beautiful, transforming everything which was before black and white into technicolour.

I currently have three posts in draft (not including this one). Whenever I open up a post to start writing, I write one sentence and then get distracted and move off. By the time I sit back down at the computer there is more to write. This blog has always been about documenting beauty, wherever I see it, which is maybe why there has been less of it lately. Now there is much, much more.

I haven't, to my recollection, posted 'food porn' before. I love eating, I do too much of it, but I am not a foodie. I eat the same things over and over again and my friends and I are all way too tight to ever go to posh restaurants.

But look at the food I was greeted with last night in celebration!

Just look!

How could I not show you that?

Note: The sushi and the duck and the dessert were really good - but as I said, I am not adventurous (read: heart-stoppingly boring) and when I'm sitting down to a meal I just don't feel like banana in my spring rolls and watermelon with my meat. So mainly for me it was just visual stimulation.

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  1. Mmmm, this made me hungry!

    Yay, new layout - I like it :)