Saturday, 7 March 2009

Lucky Charm

I don't come from a particularly spiritual background, and I'm not at all superstitious in the broken mirrors sense. However my mother has always been superstitious and I like not to ignore my spiritual side.

When I was much younger and sitting various exams, I would always wear the same white shirt, which had metal buckles and made me feel very snazzy. It served me well although now I'm older and it doesn't really fit anymore, nor do I find it particularly snazzy.

But now, with the new onslaught of tests, I decided I wanted a new lucky charm. My lovely mother came forward with a beautiful necklace of hers. I asked where it came from, and she couldn't remember the name, but she told me it was a company run by two women. One of them is the business manager, whilst the other designs. Apparently, the designer is very much into the spiritual aspect of life; horoscopes, astrology, that type of thing. In fact, she is so entirely separate from the material world that without her partner she would never be able to run any sort of business.

I found this story quite sweet, and it seemed to add a lucky element to my charm. Of course, there's no telling yet if it actually worked or not... but how could something so pretty not work?


  1. Oh, I want one! I'm sure it works :)

  2. I hope that this gorgeous necklace brings you all the luck you desire.:-)

  3. So nice and lovely, and I'm sure this necklace will bring you all the luck. Just believe it!!!


  4. Ooh, I used to need a lucky charm for tests, a long, long time ago.