Friday, 6 March 2009

Your scent

Do you have a signature scent? Or do you like to have a selection? Do you mix different perfumes or stick to one? Fruity or floral?

My current perfume is this Chanel, although at times it feels a little too grown-up. So I'm going to buy a new one, but have no idea where to start...


  1. My favorite is Just Cavalli Her - it's sweet and lifts me up. Sorry for not posting comments recently, my internet is bugging me.

  2. Occasionally I'll spritz a little Aveda #1 on, but very rarely.

  3. I'm addicted to Chance by Chanel. Its so light and smells amazing....go to Debenhams, there is 10% off everything at the moment....Viktor & Rolf "Flowerbomb" is also amazing, but pricey.... YSL "Elle"....there are so many! x x

  4. Oh I'm loving Jasmin Noir from Bvlgarium. But I'm keeping it for special days.
    So I'm using my all time Noa ;)

    Have a great weekend, dear


  5. Dior, Pure Poison....I could smell my wrist all day when I'm wearing it.

  6. this exact chanel has been my scent of choice for last 4 years or so. not too grown-up, not too teen either. just perfect. at the moment i almost don't smell it anymore, but can see the reaction of people smelling it on me. they always seem to like it ;)