Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Over to you

This is part II to my recent ode to my wardrobe.

Every person with style, by the very nature of it, has a different style. This marked difference is delightful for me, and I'm sure for plenty of other people like me who enjoy looking at nice outfits. Take just a few of my favourite dressers on my blogroll (a good example would be Lady Melbourne, Susie Bubble and Odi et Amo) and you will see how good style can manifest itself in such different forms. But we all knew that already; variety is the spice of life, isn't it? After all, Oscar Wilde coined it when he said that 'fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months'. Trends are boring, only style is enduring.

I mentioned yesterday how getting dressed in the morning felt much harder when my wardrobe was in a state. I couldn't find the clothes I was looking for. Rumpled and ugly, nothing appealed. I would tend to wear whichever clothes were still out, strewn across a chair. A special occasion calling for something a bit fancier would invite panic as I, quite literally, had to empty my entire wardrobe to find something and then go through the tiresome process of piling everything back in.

Now, the hanging part of my wardrobe has clothes organised in matching combinations. This is not only pleasing to the eye, but invites new outfit ideas. The rest is so much more organised and generally tidy so that I can see everything in there. Folding and stacking all my stuff, there were things which I was beginning to forget I still had.

My shoes are still in an awful disorganised mess, which means it can take forever to find the pair I had originally wanted to wear. I often simply don't have that time, which is why outfits can often be much more thrown-together than if I had a Carrie Bradshaw-esque walk-in wardrobe. I was led to wondering, if the state of my clothing storage has such an impact on my style, if something similar happens to other people.

I began to wonder if the different styles of people I admire translate to different clothes storage. Having read the blog and stylediary of two of the examples I mentioned above, I have seen that both bloggers have (in the past, I don't know about now) pretty much as different methods of storage as styles. Susie has occasionally provided a peek into her absolutely packed wardrobes, which contrasts heavily with Kokopuff's closet. So we can see that different storage methods don't impede personal style, but perhaps they do impact it.

But what about a changing state of storage? I know that the tidy current state of my wardrobe won't be lasting long. In the meantime, I'll dream about organising my accessories drawer and my shoes.

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  1. my wardrobe is built into the hallway outside my room (wow, that sounds really weird) and is currently obstructed by various boxes, pieces of furniture and a cello (my house is having building work done, and junk has been moved into every possible piece of spare space). my style at home is therefore greatly influenced by my willingness/unwillingness to go on a mighty quest through the assorted junk.