Sunday, 16 May 2010

Made up

Today I was in Selfridges and about to walk out when a lady approached me from a make-up counter and offered to do my face. I looked like shit today and so I was not surprised. I accepted the offer, and it was only afterwards that I realised I was in the Topshop section and the make-up was Topshop. I asked the lady since when Topshop has been doing make-up and she said it was only launched this month, so I guess that's why I had never noticed it before.

She was piling it on, or at least that's how it felt to me. I am terrible with make-up; can't apply it, can't be bothered to learn. And it's not even like I have the excuse of naturally glowing skin - my 'excuse' is that starting to apply foundation might actually make my spots worse.

But when I looked in the mirror, it really didn't look like I was wearing very much at all. I just looked like I actually got some sleep last night, and like I actually have eyelashes, which I think are both very positive things.

They don't actually sell foundation, which is probably a good thing as none of my past forays into foundation have exactly been successful. I have to admit I sort of lost focus when she explained everything she applied, but looking on the Topshop website, I have a feeling it was every single skin product they have available: Skin Glow, Skin Tint (both in Light), Brighten in Moonlight (concealer) AND Blush (in Flush). Hmm.

Everything's so cheap, which means that for a total make-up failure like me, you don't feel so bad buying it for the sake of experimentation.

I ended up actually buying one of them, the skin tint, because it's really a moisturiser and I can deal with moisturiser. Still, I have no idea how I will apply it. I might engage in some male-up experiments with my new skin tint and some decaying blusher and congealed concealer I'm sure I have knocking about somewhere in my ever-so dusty make-up box.

I am determined to make this work, because who doesn't love looking like they had a full night's sleep?


  1. I started wearing foundation at 16. I wish I hadn't. I didn't need to. I had lovely skin. Why didn't I enjoy my young and perfect skin while I could???? You are smart to stick with the moisturizer!!

  2. When you're getting makeup applications, you can get a little lesson on how to use the product.

  3. Try searching for some YouTube instructional videos, you may find something useful, and fun too!