Thursday, 20 May 2010

Internet ban?

Have you ever self-imposed one of these?

Obvs I would need to keep certain sites like and other sleep-inducing things of boredom. But I'm thinking this weekend I really, really need an internet ban.

Why? Well, let me count (just some of) the ways.

  • Hours spent trawling eBay for things I need/want/am interested in/am amused by.
  • Hours spent on Facebook generally being a stalker but also, more importantly, running an awesome(ly loser-ish) café on Café World.
  • The sheer quantity of old episodes of Criminal Minds I have ploughed my way through - oh, and the fact that I am now shit-scared whenever I am alone ANYWHERE that a serial killer is about to take me hostage.
  • Pages and pages of articles and blogs etc which I cannot stop reading until past midnight.
And now let me count (just some of) the reasons why it isn't going to happen.
  • I have like 50 watched items on eBay this weekend.
  • I have so many meals cooking in my virtual café. They would be spoiled!
  • I would get lonely eating lunch alone without Reid and Hotcher and the rest of team.
  • I love you guys too much. Your writing makes me think, laugh, unwind.
But, seriously, I do have Very Important Exams Very Soon. It's quite funny, but it's a universal thing among all my friends. We are all too stressed and busy to meet up, but if I tallied up all the hours I have wasted as noted above, they would easily equal a crazy all night party AND a day's recovery. But seeing as we are not wired to function so logically, I should at least be spending my spare time exercising or something, and reading vaguely related material to the exams (in fairness, I did read Grazia today. Does that count?).

But then, that wouldn't be logical.


  1. Oh, you definitely don't want to let all your meals go bad!

  2. If I had internet access when I was an undergrad I would have never gotten anything done. Now stop reading this comment and get to work.;-)