Tuesday, 25 May 2010

hey baby you're back

I hadn't picked up my DSLR for so long.

I don't tend to take it to parties, for fear of damaging it, and I didn't take it on holiday with me this year, so I've mainly been using my smaller digital camera for any moments that have needed documenting.

The one thing which really inspires me to want to take photos is the sight of beautiful plants in summer. It has been hitting 30 degrees this week and summer really seems to have arrived (for now; rain is returning later in the week) and when walking or running I have always wished I had my camera with me. The great thing about plants is that they're colourful, gorgeous and alive, yet most importantly they don't move. I struggle with the free will of humans and animals, and the frozen-ness of objects, but flowers I love. This is probably more to do with lack of skill than personal preference, but I was wondering, those of you who are interested in photography, do you too find strengths in one particular area?

I should have known that I'd get distracted when I decided to work in the garden today. When it started getting windy I packed up all my pieces of paper and abandoned any pretence of working in favour of brushing the dust off my camera and taking some photos.

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  1. I love that last photp. The tiny-teeny flowers looks even more lovely when held in your sweet hand!