Saturday, 29 May 2010


I finally made my first successful eBay purchase for myself this week. It was also the first time I successfully used bid sniper (thanks go to WendyB for the recommendation!) which means sadly my free trial is over (unless they give me more snipes for that link...)

In the meantime, I slipped into my new dress as soon as it arrived and started prancing around in my bedroom, feeling all summery and bright despite the deluge I can hear outside.

I say 'new dress', but then I started thinking about that's quite a misleading statement in a number of ways

1) It's from eBay. I know it's at least two years old, because I remember when it was in the shops. However it was sold 'as new', smells totally new, no weird stains or anything of that sort. I feel like the stitching could be tighter, but if it unravels it should be pretty easy to fix.

2) Is it really a dress? It covers my bum when I'm standing up. And the top of my thighs. I see it as a dress, but the eBay seller sold it as a 'top/tunic' and most other people might agree... also, I've been wearing it as a dress for the last two years and haven't received too many outraged glares.

Which leads me to number 3):

I sort of already have it. The same style, the same brand, the same fabric, the same size: the same dress. Only difference is the colourway. I normally try to refrain from buying duplicates; I see it as lazy and that there are so many great options out there, why buy the same thing twice? I'll do it with workout clothes and underwear, but that's it normally. Maybe with a basic t-shirt. But a statement dress??

Except I don't like to call my new dress a copy; I prefer to think of it as a twin. The same design and DNA maybe, but different colours and patterns and motifs branded on the hem and back. The comfort of the known: when I bid, I knew it would flatter and fit me and I know what clothes it will work with. But at the same time, the excitement of the unknown: different palette, different vibe.


Twin I---------------------------Twin II

So really, I still think of it as a new dress.


  1. Ha! I have some exact same style of Ossie Clark dresses in different prints. Nothing wrong with that! If it works well once, why not have it work well twice! Glad sniping worked for you.

  2. cute dresses! come follow me xoxo