Friday, 16 April 2010

internet sales

Today TheOutnet had a birthday sale where everything only cost a pound. Pretty dedicated, I set my alarm to 9AM to try and get something.

The sale started at 7.23AM and almost everything was sold out. As I proceeded to try to sign it, that took an hour and then by the time I managed even more had sold out. I managed to get a nice top into my basket before that, too, promptly sold out.

Apparently now the sale is closed, 9 hours early.

I am getting so fed up of this internet shopping lark. At least in person you can get pushed and shoved but you won't be left clicking furiously away and being greeted with nothing but a white screen and a couple of black lines of error code. It feels like the equivalent of one of those dreams where you're kicking up this huge fuss and tantrum but it's as if you're both invisible and silent.

The same happened with eBay; I couldn't just buy an item which I liked. I was competing with other people. Then I tried to get a Glastonbury ticket, but after being in a 'queue' for an hour I gave up. In real life it would be so easy to shove my way to the front.

I should just go back to real-life shopping, shouldn't I? If only I hadn't suddenly become so lazy, or busy, or both. I haven't bought anything from a shop since my denim waistcoat. Wasn't that in January? So I'm starting to think my shopping hobby is a lost cause.

How do you shop? How do you overcome your frustrations with the failures of the refresh button?


  1. The Outnet thing sucks but on the other hand I feel it's a lesson in "You get what you pay for." And a note to myself not to ever sell things for a pound or a dollar. Ugh! That is not what my brand is about.

    I snipe on eBay with great success...most of my online shopping takes place there.

    I don't really want to buy at online sales knowing large numbers of people are buying the same discounted thing.

  2. I've gotten really disinterested in online shopping, for this among many other reasons. I've discovered I really prefer being able to look at things in person, rather than at photos of them. I like to feel the hand of a garment's fabric, the heft of a piece of jewelry, make sure the last on which a shoe was built is the right shape for my foot. I also love the interaction of shopping in person - chatting with a clerk or complimenting another customer on her selections. I only shop online at this point if there's no other way I can obtain an item I really, desperately want.