Saturday, 17 April 2010

a medium child

It's funny how I've been posting more frequently recently. I think it's a combination of having creative writing block, and revising block, which leaves me with nothing to do but think, think, and unable to write what I need to. So it's nice to have this outlet.

That could probably explain the weird range of topics lately, so I thought I'd re-focus things by showing you this amazing find I found last week. I wrote about it briefly in my mad post last Saturday, although buried amongst a million other things I'll forgive you if you missed it.

And I wore a denim jacket I'd forgotten I had and which I expected not to fit me at all (I can't do the buttons up but it looks great!) as it is officially a children's jacket.
I was so pleased to discover it. It was a present which I don't even remember getting, so I must have only been about ten. It’s Diesel, so I bet it was expensive. And it was buried away in a drawer of clothes for my little sister for so long that we’d forgotten it existed, until I decided that I needed a denim jacket to go with this dress I wanted to wear. As I said, I can’t exactly do the buttons up (well, I can, but it looks completely ridiculous). And the sleeves are a teensy bit short, but not noticeably so. As my friend put it, it looks ‘shrunken on purpose’, as these days in fashion nothing’s meant to look quite right. It’s all about the accidental-on-purpose ripped, over-sized, skin-tight, cropped, painted, faded, hybrid. Which means I get to wear a child’s ‘Medium’ jacket.

If we want to get all analytical about this, as I seem to be doing with everything recently, I love how this jacket really affirms the transition into spring. But also, it seems to suit my mood right now. More than ever, I feel really, really young and not ready for all this grown-up stuff which is what life is made of. So I like wearing this jacket, because it makes me think that I can just be carefree and young and stop analysing everything. But I made this post not to get into all that, so look, look at my new old jacket, isn't it pretty?

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