Thursday, 15 April 2010

i feel sick

I just ate a whole almond cookie. It was round and beautiful like an over-sized macaroon. Then I took a bite and it was eggy and floury and not that delicious. So I put it aside. On one side of my desk was my plate with the once-bitten almond cookie and on the other was my revision textbook. I realised that if I was eating the cookie I wouldn't be able to revise, not without making crumbs anyway.

So I ate the whole cookie.

Gazing at the plate of forlorn crumbs, I started to feel sick. I just ate this huge fat cookie which didn't taste delicious. Surely that cancels out this morning's run? And more?

I began to feel guilty and distracted by thoughts of how I should have thrown it away as soon as I realised it wasn't that nice. Or just removed it from my desk. And what I should do now - skip dinner maybe? Although it wasn't really that bad, I rationalised, seeing as I hardly ever eat cakes or stuff. Then I remembered doing almost the exact same thing with a disgusting tasteless banana muffin which I nearly finished anyway.

But I can't do anything about the consumed cookie. I just need to wait for the sick feeling in my stomach to subside (it's actually there; due to too much sugar NOT a manifestation of my psychological state, I promise). And move on.


  1. LOL, I did the same thing the other day.

  2. Oh, dear, you worry too much.

  3. Zmaga, don't worry about me, if I hadn't written this post I'd have forgotten this had ever happened! xxx