Thursday, 7 January 2010

Things I Love Thursday aka ripping off Zmaga

I hope that this post doesn't come as too much of a shock to you all, now that you are so used to me moaning about the melancholy of life. But as I sat at my desk knowing that I should either go to sleep or revise for the test I have tomorrow, I instead read Zmaga's weekly Things I Love Thursday Post. I decided to jump onto this good mood I seem to be experiencing and write about it on here, for posterity, in a total rip off of Zmaga's posts.

It's snowing!

It's so pretty. I am starting to like the winter again; it gives me the perfect excuse to dress like the Michelin Man and not feel guilty, to drink an embarrassing number of cups of tea, my hayfever does not plague me quite so much. Best of all: the mid-week weekend.

I am not tired!!!!!
This particular thing I love is probably the reason I ended up reading blogs and writing this post. It is a direct result of the aforementioned snow which allowed the mid-week weekend and the endless cups of tea (and one cup of coffee).

I have gorgeous fabulous friends. Something which paranoid old me frequently second-guesses but which being pulled up a hill in a sledge re-affirms.

The weird thing is, a couple of weeks ago in the actual holidays, the snow was like a scourge on my social life. So maybe these are not the reasons I am in a good mood. Maybe the good mood is the reason for the appreciation.

Or maybe the real reason I am happy is because it's Thursday.

Note: I am sorry that this post is such an eyesore. I couldn't help it. I think it conveys a little bit how I feel.


  1. I'm so glad you wrote TiLT and that you're in such a great mood! :D

  2. What's it like not to be tired? I'm not familiar with it!