Sunday, 10 January 2010

chess champion

I have a friend and I have gone through phases of thinking I am in love with him, despite his favourite method of interaction with me seeming to be to invent as many insults as possible. (No, that does not mean he has a crush on me; he is in love with his girlfriend, he is just generally a [insert censored word here]. And isn't it great that I can write this sort of post when my blog is anonymous?)

About a week ago, he decided I dressed like a librarian. 'Fantastic,' I said 'I love books and I would love to be a librarian'.

'Oh. Actually, you're a chess-player,'

(I can't play chess)

'Fool! You're the chess-player who can't play chess!'

I admit that that day's outfits was put together in the dark and looked entirely frumpy, although not in a chess-playing librarian way, just a put-together-in-the-dark way. So I went home, and the next day I wore a button down stripy shirt. And I resolved to buy something tweed.

I am not going to listen to a badly dressed boy's judgment on me. In my brand new gorgeous (green) tweed jacket I am going to embrace and celebrate the me that he does not like, that loves books and thinks it would be awesome if she could play chess. This jacket is my armour to enter into a rebellion against my other, fawning self.

I might actually learn how to play chess.


  1. I too have a friend who feels the need to insult me every time we are together, whether it is about my teeth (ok so I have a crooked tooth, I get it) or the way I pronounce words or how I live my life or something else that doesn't affect him at all. He has also taken to calling me kiddo yet I am older than him!

    I've since learned to not let him bother me as much since I like the way I choose to live my life and how I look (snaggle tooth at all.) Embrace who you are and do learn to play chess :) and do it while wearing your "librarian clothing!!!"

    Where to they get off anyway?!

  2. And this guy is your friend because...??????

  3. Jean, he sounds awful.

    Wendy. Argh. (as you can tell, I can't really form a coherent response to that!)

  4. He is not worthy of your friendship. You deserve lovely friends who give you compliments and who appreciate you. I also embrace and celebrate the you that he does not like and I have a few choice words for him.