Tuesday, 29 December 2009

material difference

Yesterday, bored, I decided to go to the cinema. It was a toss-up between Avatar, which everyone who sees it says it is amazing, but which looks quite dull to me, and Sherlock Holmes, which didn't seem particularly good.

It turned out the rest of the world was bored too as Avatar was sold out, so we went for Sherlock Holmes. I have always had a soft spot for a mystery anyway, especially one featuring the detective Holmes. The cinema was so full that we had to sit so far forward that by the end of the film my neck was feeling rather strange. But I managed to forget all my discomforts as to my complete surprise I found myself thoroughly enjoying it. It's so fun, funny, clever and slick. I would definitely recommend it.

I came away feeling immersed in the world of the Victorians. Since, I've been revisited Conan Doyle's mysteries and even delving into some Poe. I am also really feeling a desire for some velvet or tweed, which Rachel McAdams was dressed in to play Holmes' criminal love interest, Irene Adler.

As per usual, Urban Outfitters has come up trumps (I got some amazing jeans from there a couple of days ago and haven't taken them off since) on a search for both TWEED and VELVET. But again, I have to make a choice. Silence + Noise is a great brand and all their stuff is on sale at UO right now. This includes a gorgeous short biker jacket, which is available in both tweed and velvet! That's fate, right? I've only tried the velvet one on but I have wanted a tweed jacket forever, yet a blazer has always seemed to prissy.

The tweed. The velvet isn't on the site. Just imagine this in black velour with metal shiny zips.

Which would you go for?


  1. Oh my God...we ALWAYS end up in the front row. We call it "our reserved seats."

  2. Ah it is inspiring that you liked it! I love a bit of Sherlock and have been protesting at the them making it 'hollywood-ized' to anyone who will listen! I can't come to terms with the casting choices but will def try and see it if you recommend!

  3. Tweed is just so right at this time of year and the film sounds really interesting. Wishing you a happy New Year. Sabine x