Friday, 25 December 2009

the cake that made christmas

I am not a Christian. But that doesn't stop me, and plenty of other people I know from loving the festivity of Christmas and really getting into it. I have a Jewish friend who went to Midnight Mass this year!

There's so much else to get excited about. The snow, the time off to relax, the films on TV, the PRESENTS (whoever says they don't care about presents is lying...) and of course, post-Christmas, the sales. The amazing lunch.

This year a cake made Christmas for me. It was a gift from a very talented baker who owns an amazing cake shop (whose name I cannot embarrassingly remember; it is on South Kensington High Street and the cakes are spectacular).

How AMAZING is that (I know that was the third time I wrote 'amazing' in this post, but it completely is)? Magical, marvellous, magnificent. There's Jesus inside, a Snowman on the side, Santa round back and delicious biscuits on the roof! Truthfully, the snow is a bit too sugary. Quite apt, actually; I've really come to dislike snow over the past week and all the things it's stopped me from doing. I haven't started on the walls yet. It's almost too beautiful to eat.

Happy Christmas! How has your festive season been? What has made it for you?


  1. I'm not Christian either but have gotten used to being wished "Merry Christmas." I won't send out cards with Santas on them or anything though!