Wednesday, 23 December 2009

sooo busy

I am sooooo sorry I haven't had a chance to post; I have been soooooo busy doing sooooo many things.

Yeah right!

In actual fact, I have been pretty much snowed in. So it's not really my fault that I've managed to plow through, since Friday, an entire series of Heroes. My one saving grace is that it is season two, which due to the 2007 Writers' Strike is only eleven episodes long. Still, eleven episodes, plus the alternate episode ending on the special features disc, in five days (I had to check my calendar just now to see which day it was - that's what the holidays does to you!) is still pretty impressive in my opinion.

So yes, I have been extremely occupied. Sort of.

The truth is, I am not imaginative to find something to post about when I am sitting back enjoying unadulterated escapism. The only other active presence in my life right now: last-minute present shopping, which I also can't post about here for obvious reasons!

This is my life. Exciting, huh?

Watching a hero watching a villain

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