Sunday, 17 January 2010


It's been a while guys, I know.

I know I promised things would go back to normal.

I don't break my promises.

But you see, promises don't have an expiration date. And right now, I am just pouring all my words into everything else until I find that I have none left to type up on here. So I'm going to have to prolong the fulfillment date for this particular promise.

Until then, I have a couple of questions for you. Your answers will help me with one of the things I am pouring all my words into so that there will be more of them for this blog, so really it's in your best interests to answer!

What is the last thing you were promised?
What is the most important promise ever made to you?
What is the biggest promise that someone made to you that they broke?


  1. 1. See/talk with you soon. (This promise was kept.)

    2. To be faithful. (Made by my husband. This promise has thus far been kept. I believe it will always be kept.)

    3. To be faithful. (Made by my FIRST husband (not my current husband). This promise was not kept. Hence the qualification that he was my FIRST husband.)

    Write when you can. We'll be here.

  2. Wow enc, thanks. That is really a perfect answer. xxx