Wednesday, 20 January 2010


My latest motto seems to have become 'oh dear', a phrase uttered way too often in my life, and which seems to be appropriate for every single situation we find ourselves in.

My favourite motto has always been 'it's either laugh or cry'. That is definitely appropriate for every 'oh dear' situation we find ourselves in i.e. most of the time.

(I have a friend who's going through a rough patch, and oh my god, we have never laughed so much at quite how ludicrously awful a situation it is. I am trying to psychologically prepare myself for another eye examination and oh my god, I burst into tears just imagining it, which if you think about it is pretty funny, because it's just flipping your eyelids inside out. Urgh that makes me want to cry.)

Today I took delivery of a DVD of American Beauty. I have looked for a copy in every single shop which sells DVDs for basically the past two months since I first watched it twice in a row. Finally I thought to check Amazon, where it is selling for £4 and was delivered to me in four days, free. I am so excited to watch it, but I have to wait as I have promised two friends who need cheering up I will watch it with them, and I don't want to overdo it. I just hope their minds work in the same odd way as mine, because I am not sure that this is a conventionally uplifting film, even if it worked for me.

Still, my new motto looks to be: 'when the situation seems to demand the phrase "oh dear", watch American Beauty to uplift you; it will make you both laugh and cry, which is what you will feel like doing a lot of the time, hence you will probably end up watching it pretty much on repeat'.

(On the subject of style, these thoughts about mottos and the fact that I would love a tattoo have led me to wonder if any of these personal mottos would make a nice tattoo?)


  1. The thought of 'Oh Dear' for a tattoo makes me smile and at the same time makes me say "oh dear." Coming from a seasoned tattoo vet, pick something that really speaks to you either laugh or cry, but stay away from those scary clown comedy and tragedy masks :)

  2. LOL @ Jean's response to an "oh dear" tattoo.

    The other day I was laughing at something that happened to me that wasn't really funny (the injury I'm showing in today's blog post, actually) and I said to my friend, "Why am I laughing about this?!" She suggested, "So that you don't cry?"

  3. My boss says, "Oh dear," constantly and it's 100% adorable. But I agree with Jean: You're probably going to want something less worry-oriented for your first tattoo.

  4. I love "oh dear."

    Tattoos are permanent, so whatever you choose, make sure you can live with it. Forever!