Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Big up to...


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This past weekend, I took the tube all the way to Charing Cross in the snow, before realising that despite the road's name being Charing Cross Road, I was infact looking for Tottenham Court Road, and trekked down several streets in the wrong direction, in the snow, before re-orientating myself and arriving at the book mecca you see above.

(Yes, I have lived in London all my life).

(Yes, my lack of navigational skills is slightly embarrassing).

But it was all worth it for the several hours that I was able to spend unharrassed looking through the enormous selection of obscure titles they have in the particular section I was looking for. The book I was looking for, which I of course found, is so wonderful that it deserves its own blog post another time, but I am afraid that I have so much love for Foyles that bringing the book itself into it would result in gush-overload. Suffice to say, I didn't even dream that that particular book would be there, and I am sure that any title you are looking for, it's there. There are too many shelves not to hold every single book in the world on one of them.

Whilst I myself didn't buy anything, from what I saw the sale was also good. None of this 'pound off', or half-price on Katie Price's memoirs, or nonsense. And when I went in search of a copy of Pride and Prejudice, there were editions ranging from upwards of £15 to the £3 copy I bought.

The icing on the cake though, is the student discount I spied at the till, after I had paid and received my receipt. Which the shop assistant promptly refunded and resold me at 10% off.

Note: I have just realised it sounds like I am doing a sponsored speech. They're not paying me. Although if anyone at Foyles is reading this I love free books!


  1. They would be smart to pay you!

  2. I think this post just sounds like a love letter to Foyles. It's okay to love them unpaid!

  3. BTW: I'm not as rich with free time as I used to be, so I don't get to read blogs as much as I did before. :( Hence my scarceness here.