Saturday, 21 November 2009


A recent new feature on my blog is the tag 'the power of pink'.

If you choose to explore all the posts which are tagged under this category, you will find a plethora of observational and entirely scientifically sound evidence to prove that the colour pink has powerful mood-enhancing properties.

That's why for a while now, my blog background has been unwaveringly, uapologetically pink.

But recently, as a backdrop for richly autumnal mornings and dark black nights, the pink began to jar. That is to say that I, long time fan and die hard advocate of the power of pink, was beginning to grow a bit sick of it. The sweetness of it all was beginning to set my teeth on edge.

(Similar things have happened in my life with overdoses of Weetabix, Friends episodes and the colour green. I find it hard to know when it's time to stop)

I wonder if, like with homeopathic remedies, pink and other things we love in life are more powerful the more dilute they get. Maybe their rarity is part of their charm, or they are so strong that they can becoming overpowering, or they only work on a small scale (like a tiny digital image which would get all pixellated if you tried to enlarge it).

So I have scaled back on the pink. The blog picture has been replaced... yes, I know it's still pink! But this is hot pink which I very rarely dabble in and am therefore not sick of yet. And I know the mauve I chose for my background is basically a darker sister of the baby pink I had before, and the blog titles are pure unadulterated pinkness.

As I said, I am only scaling down; diluting not removing. I still love pink.


  1. I love the new layout, too. I think it's interesting that as you explore pink, you expand and contract based on your pink preferences.

  2. Nice look -- and the pink in the header really jumps out ;-)