Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I couldn't not..

I am definitely going to allow myself to take it easy with blogging throughout September. But your supportive comments on my last post made me feel like I was walking away from a baby making puppy dog eyes at me. And then I noticed that two of my favourite AWOL bloggers, Paula and enc have made a comeback. How could I depart just as they arrived? I know that I have to keep writing. I cannot spend my whole life writing essays or depressing novelettes; blogging is a great way of flexing writing muscles when you don't have time for a full workout.

And finally, I just had to share my new winter boots. If you have been at all half awake while reading this blog, you will know that I have been looking for boots for a long, long time. Let me list some of the reasons for the perpetuity of my boot hunt:

  • Shoe companies seem to have no guilty qualms about quadrupling the average price of a pair of shoes when those shoes are boots. I, on the other hand, have not got a quadrupled budget.
  • I refuse to be a fashion victim. I will not spend a hundred quid on a pair of boots with a flat wooden sole, or which rub at the toes, or which have a gorgeous six inch heel, because I do not want to fall over on the icy roads and break a leg, get painful blisters or have to walk in baby strides until I topple over.
  • I hate pleather.
  • I have big feet. They were even bigger (in proportion to my age and height) when I was 12 years old and the same shoe size, so I have pretty much come to terms with my big feet. But they do basically rule out that whole Doc Martens, clumpy chic look which is so fashionable right now.
  • I have no boots. That may seem like a silly one, but it would have been a lot easier to find a pair of boots for trousers if I had one already to wear with skirts, or vice versa. Instead, on top of all my other requirements, I was shopping for versatility.
So you will not imagine my shock to find a pair of boots which were cheap (£79!), comfortable, plenty of grip, leather, size 7 (as a size 8 I cannot remember the last time size 7's fit me... yes I know they just run large but they also seem to minimise my feet!), the exact style I was after which works with skirts, trousers, dresses and jumpsuits (probably - I don't actually own any to test that last one on).

It was a miracle. I just had to blog about it.

Update for WendyB:

Any UK bloggers will know that Marks & Spencers have a tendency for the worst stock photos in the history of stock photos (they should hire Wendy's jewellery photographers). So I didn't bother putting up the stock photo. But don't you go saying I never give you photos. I do, I do!

They're just really shitty dark and grainy photos.


  1. No picture of the lovely boots? Why do you never give me any pictures? :-)

    Check ENC's blog TOMORROW!

  2. Woot! Thanks. Love them! And what a great price for such nice boots.

  3. Yay for the boot find- I was just going to ask you to post a picture when you added the update! They are gorgeous! "May ya" as we say in Greek when a person makes a successful purchase :)

    Thank you as well for the kind words about my blog! :) You are too kind. I am happy to be back and catching up on my fave blogs! :)

  4. You cannot go away. I want more boots, books, pretty thoughts and pretty face. I am happy you have come to the same conclusion.

  5. I really love those boots, Pretty. They seem like just the thing!

    I'm glad you're going to stick around at least for September. One post at a time!