Sunday, 6 September 2009


Update: you'll never guess what happened today! My bed broke! I'd cry if it wasn't so hilariously ironic...

Part of me feels far too young right now. I feel like a little girl, and I'm not old enough to be in the age and place I am.

The other part of me still hasn't recovered from a weekend of very little sleep last weekend.

This time last week I was drinking coffee to keep me awake for the 12 hours of no sleep I had ahead of me. Treating night like day, we filled the dark with light so that we would still be able to see.Seven days later, you'd think I'd have recovered. But this weekend, I have slept more hours than I have been awake. I have slept long into the morning, mid-morning, closing my eyes against the light.

I still feel tired. That makes me feel incredibly old.


  1. Nah! Don't feel old! Feel lucky! Oh I so wish I could have a few days in bed...I hope the weekend of no sleep was a good one. :0)

  2. No one sleeps as much as I...I love it! LLGxx

  3. aww, you'll feel better soon! Loving your blog :)

  4. Yep Chic it was :)
    LLG - a soulmate!
    Thanks cat xx

  5. I take it that you didn't break the bed in a fun way?

  6. You are only as old as you feel- hence if you feel young- you are young!
    I have the same musings sometimes; I feel too young to be the age and yet I get tired. I am so sorry your bed broke! Hopefully you were able to catch up on some sleep on the couch :)

  7. You need to get lighter sheep. They can slip and fall when you are counting them and the next thing ewe know you have a broken bed and lanolin everywhere.

    Sweet dreams!

  8. I love sleep and can't live without it, although sometimes I don't get enough of it. Hope you are all caught up by now!
    Great blog.