Wednesday, 19 August 2009


This weekend (which is when I wrote this post, deciding that at least one pre-scheduled post whilst away was necessary if I was going to make any attempts not to be a completely lazy blogger) I finally managed a succesful shopping trip.

By succesful, I mean a trip where I return with clothes which I had at least vaguely planned on buying, which I like and which will be useful. By succesful, I mean the anti-thesis of last weekend's shopping trip where I returned from a search to top-up my wardrobe with three pairs of new knickers, albeit very nice knickers which were 3 for £6.99, and a book for £1 in a closing down sale. There were a couple of times this weekend that I began to waver a little; I came very close to buying some gorgeous neon nail polish from Essie, and then later some sparkly rings in Ollie&Nic.

But I was strong.

I came away having quite literally topped-up my wardrobe, on several levels:
  • All three items I bought could be worn immediately; in fact, as I didn't go straight home but spontaneously stayed over at a friend's house, I did wear one of my new items the next day - a black t-shirt with gold studs on the shoulders.
  • I set off shopping with the vague idea of a new look for Autumn/Winter - something a bit edgier with drapy blacks and greys and coarse fabrics. Of course, this is never going to happen in my wardrobe, as evidenced by the violet cowboy shirt and stripy pink jumper I bought. These definitely negated the dark edginess of a black t-shirt.
  • And of course, on a punny level, I did top-up. All three purchases are tops of some sort which will be perfect for adding tons more possibilities to my wardrobe. With my black top I can be dark and edgy. With my pink stripes I can be warm and cute (I did try to get navy but they didn't have my size... it's fate and the power of pink*). With my cowboy top, I am finally conceding to plaid (again, I did try to get a black and grey flannel shirt but I was just too hot).
And best of all, now that my wardrobe is entirely top topped-up, I can now begin to top it up with dresses (to layer under the cowboy shirt), top it up with cute skirts (to wear with the stripy top) and top it up with boots (to wear on my feet...)

*you'd find tons of evidence testifying to the therapeutic power of pink on this blog, but the blog search I have installed doesn't work at all. You'll have to trust me on this one for now, despite a current lack of scientific proof. Or you could tell me why the hell my search isn't working??


  1. Just glad to hear you're shopping again ... even if you're not yet knocking off wishlist items. Soon enough, I'm sure!

  2. That jumper is adorable - nice buy!