Sunday, 16 August 2009


One way you could measure the extent of somebody's fashion-forwardness could be to see how many items of 'morphed' clothing they owned.

That could include the all-in-one jumpsuit, or maybe a leotard. But to an even greater extreme, you could look at their attitude towards clothes which are of so uncertain classification that we have to create new names for them.

Such as 'shoots' - the name given to the recently fashionable morphing of a shoe and a boot for those who are so fashionably experimental that a simple shoe or boot would be unimaginably boring.

Or maybe the 'jegging'. A combination of jeans and leggings, these are for those who can find no skinnies quite outrageously tight enough, who are cool enough to pull off denim leggings.

I have never been one of those people. However my aunt, who not only lives but works fashion, is. She arrived at the airport this week in those loose-crotch style trousers which are currently fashionable. Only she bought her trousers seven years ago - that is how fashion forward she is.

She came bearing gifts.

These are my new silver 'bandals'! So named, as they are a morphing of boot and sandal.

They make me want to, as evidenced in this photo, jump around. They are the most fashion-forward fashion items I have ever owned.

I will probably wear them tucked under jeans.

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