Friday, 14 August 2009

some pictures and words

BACK. Back from

Long lazy days in a tent which turn into long lazy nights in a tent

Trying to work off some of that laziness with power walks along the coast

Stomping across a pebbled beach is not dissimilar to half an hour on an elliptical trainer at high intensity (only with better scenery)

Then lying on the pebbles for hours, getting sunburn without noticing because of the strong wind which makes you feel cold not hot

Reading books bought at a local secondhand bookstore. One for 75p, 25p cheaper than the price on the back cover. The other in pristine condition (at time of purchase; the front cover is of course now bent and permanently creased), half the original price

Being on a constant search for the next meal

That might mean a greasy fish and chips shop, a quaint tearoom or maybe an attempt to collect some berries at a P.Y.O

Before giving up and picking a couple of the best punnets from the farm shop

BACK. Back to

Toilets where you can touch the door handle without fear of picking up a fatal disease.

Internet. TV. Overload.

A bath and clean hair.



  1. I am going to the beach this weekend, like you I am going to try and walk off some lazy. Lily will help with that. Hope you enjoyed your getaway!!

  2. I'm more of a soft, sandy beach person but I never thought of the workout potential of a pebbly beach before. Hmmm....