Sunday, 5 July 2009

work in progress

Note: the following post makes multiple references to this other post, which I would normally link to in the relevant places but I don't like linking the same page multiple times.

So, I start my office job tomorrow. Over the past few weeks I have attempted on numerous occasions to build a work wardrobe, with only partial success.

I have managed to buy a couple of work shirts from Uniqlo at an absolutely bargainous price (£25 for the two put together!). Last week in the baking heat I was concerned that I would be way too hot for these on the journey on the tube, especially as they are quite see-through so require a little vest underneath. But it's getting cooler, so I think these shirts and a couple of my smarter currently owned tops will get my upper body through. And then I should still be able to wear them come autumn in jeans, if I'm not thoroughly sick of them yet.

Shoe-wise, I have mentioned numerous times before that I 100% prioritise comfort. Thus, I no longer have any work-suitable shoes after throwing out all my toe-pinching pumps a couple of months back.So I did go out and buy these comfortable, beautiful lovelies a few days ago, before realising that they are synthetic. I am not going to pay £50 for a pair of fake leather shoes*. They are going back. My mother has kindly given me her black Hobbs pumps which are perfectly lovely in an Audrey Hepburn-esque way. It is merely a question of how long I will last with them before I die of boredom.

Sold out now in black, you can buy these over-priced pleather but pretty shoes here in red, taupe, purple or pink

But it is on the bottom half at which I have failed abysmally. I already have a few suitable skirts so ignored all the lovely skirty items I passed whilst shopping (although I did buy a pair of see-through tights which completely died when I walked home barefoot on a night out, and have not since been replaced. Oops). Instead I tried on trouser upon trouser upon trouser, none of which fit right.

I suppose I should have guessed that, what with all the tailoring that goes into a pair of trousers, a well-fitted pair for less than a million pounds should be impossible to find. Only I thought this challenge would be relatively easy, as when I did a web search a couple of weeks ago, there were plenty of options. And I always had the back-up of a pair of trousers which my mother also offered to lend me. Well, now I am trouser-less and my mother's trousers are way too long; we are the same height but she has longer legs. A miserable situation on the trouser front all round, I'd say.

So, I start my office job tomorrow. I have my NI number, passport, a map from the station to office and another map from my office to the nearest shop where I can return the shoes. I have some shirts, and some dresses, a skirt or two and one pair of shoes. I have no tights, no trousers, no waistcoat. Ah well, it's no fun if you're completely prepared, is it?

*on a side note, a commenter mentioned the other day that they preferred pleather to leather from an environmental point of view. Firstly, I find that leather is longer lasting and more comfortable than pleather. Secondly, I will own pleather shoes if necessary, but as they cost less to make stuff from, I entirely expect to pay less, which is why I am so shocked at the sky-high prices places like Urban Outfitters and Kurt Geiger charge for their pleather. I suppose it's all relative though, what with the money they charge for real leather. And thirdly, I am well aware of the environmental effects of cow rearing and for that reason do not eat beef. However the manufacturing of pleather is in fact far worse for the environment than leather, and since I am not a fan of canvas shoes (smelly, not-waterproof, they rub...) I will stick to leather as the better quality and more environmentally friendly option. Oops, that was a long side note.


  1. Congrats on your new job and well done on your new work wardrobe. I am wondering if you get some pumps with heels if your mother's trousers will work for you?

    I prefer leather for all the reasons you state and also the stink of feet after pleather shoes has to be bad for the environment.;-)

    Knock 'em dead at your new job, Pretty Face!!

  2. Yay! Congrats for your new job, wish you the best of luck!

    Re to comment: I got the layout in a website called, the buttons on the left I made them to match with photoshop. ^-^