Friday, 3 July 2009

new year's

People often like to think of the New Year as an opportunity to change, to turn over a new leaf. I have never particularly subscribed to the gym, WeightWatchers and smoking support group subscribing masses come January, but that does not mean that I am not up for a change.

For me, it seems to have been a new year for myself, as my birthday approaches at the end of this month, that heralds change. A couple of these changes are quite big: I am giving up a lazy summer for a new job come Monday, I have sort of maybe decided that I will be starting a new school in September.

Some of these changes are more gradual. Since I have started this blog I have slowly watched myself become less interested in certain things, more interested in others (although my love for bags remains immovable). Shopping has taken a back seat; running, which I started for the first time many months ago, is finally, finally coming to the fore. In the past 6 days I have run on three separate occasions. That is a landmark, a first time. I am proud.

Of course, there are changes which I am less proud of, born, I believe, of these accepted changes I just mentioned. Sewing, style is currently not a top priority and exercise is. This morning, I travelled a bus journey at 8AM in tracksuit bottoms. My mother, when she saw me later, was shocked; 'you would want to kill me when I wore those to pick you up a couple of years ago!'.

After proclaiming only recently that I am uninterested in make-up, I have noticed myself buying an awful lot of it. Today's acquisition: shimmery silver eyeshadow. I won't pretend I don't love it. But I also can't pretend that it's particularly practical, office appropriate, and that I'll be wearing it too often.

Thus, as I have said, not everything changes. Even as a young teen, I have always had an obsession with avoiding pleather (synthetic leather); whilst all my friends paraded their cute H&M bags, I stuck to canvas... and then, blew all my cash on leather. Yesterday, I bought a cute pair of pumps only to realise that they are synthetic. They are going back ASAP. Plus, the fact that shopping even occurred, albeit with purchases which will be returned, shows that shopping is only riding in the back seat very temporarily.

Do you consciously make resolutions to change certain things about your lifestyle, or personal style? Do you do this in January or at other, more personal, times of the year? Or do you just find yourself evolving, and embrace it/devolving, and disguise it? Do you find that certain things will never change?


  1. I do intend to make changes and some go into motion, but others never change...mostly I might be too accepting of certain faults of mine (my sweet tooth, my introversion). Friends and family encourage changes in certain areas and I sort of just accept my unhealthy habits...
    Good luck with all your hopes for the next year.
    I like the language of "sort of maybe decided" about a new school.
    You have a good view on pleather. I'm not completely against it, but I don't see the reasons to buy the same knock-offs as everyone else when I can find real leather for cheap at secondhand stores--and those pieces have personality!
    P.S. I actually never mentioned the new blog layout in a post.

  2. I also tend to change a lot in short to no notice. I can see my likes and dislikes change month to month or even sooner. It's not that I'm indecisive, I just like to experiment new things and don't like being tied down to the same old.
    I myself am more a fan of pleather, maybe it's my environmentalist side kicking in.


  3. Your eyes and eyebrows are so pretty!! Okay, now to your question, yes, I am forever making new resolutions. I just decided to make a list of things I want to work on. My list is still in progress and would make a very good *short* post.;-)

    Happy New Years and pre-birthday, gorgeous!

  4. Interesting that you picked up on that language, C. Does it fully convey the confusion that I am feeling?

    Sophie, I have gone a bit further into my view on pleather in my last post :)

    Awww thanks Belette, the money's in the post xxxx