Sunday, 5 July 2009

hello @ 22.37

Well I am off now for a relatively early night. It is ridiculous how I so often notice how much better I feel on lots of sleep, yet I still insist on staying up late. I decided not to go out tonight, which is good as at about ten o'clock I realised OH MY GOD I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR TOMORROW!!!

The skirt I was going to wear is too short.

The dress I could wear had an unravelled hem. Too late to start sewing.

Another dress was too pretty to wear on the first day.

(I didn't ever say I was being particularly rational, people).

I have no see-through tights (and black would be too hot) so I don't want to wear any of my dresses.

An old pair of black trousers, too small. An even older pair of black trousers, too big.

You get the picture. Eventually, my wonder-mother brought out a pair of grey trousers she bought quite recently so are not too big on me, and as they are the more current skinny cut can easily be folded up to combat my short legs problem. Yes they are a little wintery but they are also awesome and mean that I can wear my stripy blue shirt. I'm thinking I might have to do some travelling in my lunch break and buy some tights. Then Wednesday I'll probably venture even further afield after work to buy a whole new wardrobe. Because I have NOTHING TO WEAR.


  1. Oh, the first day of a new job is the most nerve-wracking! I hope it goes well and you find all the perfect clothes. :)

  2. The timing for realizing the "nothing to wear" fact is always perfect, isn't it? ;)

  3. We go to work to make money and then we need to spend money on clothes and dry cleaning as we need to clothes to wear to work so we can buy more clothes. The circle never ends.;-)

    Hope you had a great first day!