Wednesday, 24 June 2009

in the pink

Inspired by...
  • Delysia Lafosse's costumes in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (documented the other day)
  • The many flowers I have photographed over the past few days
  • My eternal love for the colour PINK due to the well-known medicinal properties it possesses (cheers you up, makes you smile, makes you pretty)

...I have given my blog a make-over. As you may have noticed, I have installed some fish. Probably a psychological manifestation of my desire to own a pet, I had hoped to set them against a lovely sea background, which as you can see failed miserably. Nevertheless, I hope you will help me to look after the new fish by dropping some food into their tank with a left-click of your mouse on the water.

You will have probably not noticed: the new addition of a small heading, above the award images on the right; a slight re-jigging of the order of the page elements, which I cannot even exactly remember; the updating and moving of my blog's search engine. But these are all part of the subtle changes in a makeover which contribute to the overall result.

I was going to change the blog's font, but then I thought 'whoaa there, a step too far'. Still, the font size is slightly bigger, as you may or may not have noticed.

But you will have certainly noticed the brand-new colour scheme I have implemented. I love it; it makes me feel cheery, smiley and pretty. I hope that it makes you, dear readers, feel that way too, and not like you've overdosed on marshmallows and want to throw up. If it does, just let me know, and I may just tone it down a little.


  1. I like your redecoration! And I'm hypnotized by your fish.

  2. I love it - it's so girly and pretty!

  3. Very pretty! I fed your fish a ton, so I hope they are okay for today. When one of my sister's friends was a little girl, she thought her fish was sick so she gave it tums and it died :(

    I like the pink! Also, is that movie (Miss Pettigrew...) good?

  4. Love the pink! I just wasted a good ten minutes of work feeding the fish!

  5. I love that you are as hypnotised by the fish as I am :D