Wednesday, 24 June 2009

magical garden

As I settle into my summer, I feel a slight tinge of regret that I won't be leaving the UK this time. There's always something so magical about relaxing in a foreign land. Of course, this isn't helped by my current read, A Room With a View, which puts me right in the mood for a romantic trip to Italy.

The photo you see above is from last August's visit to a small Mediterranean village. A garden lined in paintings where you can sit and sip lemonade under a canopy of growing grapes. Exotic. Magical.

But yesterday I looked into my British garden and it too, in the early evening sun, looked magical.


  1. Just look at that sun streaming through!

  2. Le sigh!!! What I would give for a room with a view. Gorgeous photos!

  3. Such amazing pictures!!!!

    Thanks for sharing


  4. Sal you cannot imagine how long I spent playing with the sun. I captured UV rays! Actually scientifically I didn't but I like to think I did.

    Thank you both Belette and Seeker xx