Monday, 4 May 2009

scent of spring and summer

As you already know all too well, I have a tendency to say something which could be said in one sentence in five paragraphs. I was going to do that with the fruits of yesterday's shopping trips.

But then I was taking some photos of my new perfume for this post and I found I had created a spring-like reimagining of the photo I had taken in the snow of my old, heavier scent. I realised that this new photo, alongside the old photo, can tell you as much about why I chose this perfume and why I am so delighted with it, as 1000 words could.

Here is the post with the perfume I used before, before it started suffocating me and I experimented with a frightful array of testers before finally finding the perfect scent yesterday.


  1. I keep meaning to go to the Jo Malone counter. I will do it Thursday. Jasmine and mint sounds like summer. Cool, lovely and refreshing. Le sigh!

  2. Curious, today I started to use a new pwefume also....


  3. Have fun at the Jo Malone counter on Thursday! I felt I had to warn you, however that a hefty pricetag comes with what I think are the best scents I have come across. That's why I got such a small bottle... I knew I'd manage to get a wordy explanation of the perfume in somewhere, even if in a comment box!

    And it does indeed smell like summer. Every time I catch a whiff of my smell, I smile :)

  4. I love fragrances that really make me happy. They are rare. Can't wait to smell the lily fragrance. I do love lilies. :-)

  5. You have got me in trouble. I went to Jo Malone and I got the fig( LOVE it). But, now, thanks to lovely you, I tried the Lily Amber limited edition and I love that and I also tried the Orange Blossom and I must have that. I didn't even smell your mint and jasmine as I fear I would have loved that too.:-)