Sunday, 3 May 2009

limited edition

Today I did a lot of much needed retail therapy. As much as the thrill of new purchases, keeping busy really does seem to equal keeping sane. As a result, I am very tired and only just got home. I think tomorrow is signed over to a serious wardrobe tidy-up (I swear my wardrobe does not stay tidy for more than ten minutes) and lots of loving ramblings about my new purchases.

For now, amidst all my shopping, what I didn't buy stands out much more. In shopping for a new perfume, I almost bought a beautiful limited edition but then I realised how devastated I would be when it ran out. I could only afford a relatively small size, it was very subtle so you'd spray on quite a lot and it wasn't being restocked.

I know limited editions and exclusivity are meant to be appealing, but when you're shopping as therapy, you really don't need to make purchases which are going to break your heart all over again.


  1. Retail therapy is a wonderful thing, what perfume did you get? I know how it feels when you realize something you love has been discontinued, I guess the only good thing is when things are discontinued they can go on sale and then you get to buy large quantity's! At one point I had a draw filled with bath bombs from lush because they were being discontinued and half price.

  2. Limited editions are funny things...they're appealing at first, but like you said when they disappear you have to start all over again!