Thursday, 9 April 2009

Love... hate?

There are some things which everyone's a fan of, which are simply stunning, no doubt about it.

And yes, I do love a good old classic Chanel handbag, but sometimes (and shh, don't tell anyone I said this), I find them a little bit boring. They're just so predictable that something banal creeps into their beauty.

That's not to say I'm particularly edgy, or personally into the whole so-hideous-it's-kind-of-cool look. I like it on others, but I don't think I have the right look for it. You aren't going to find me in some of those fashionable old-school Doc Martens any time soon...

Still, I do have my own style and I positively shrink away from anything on-trend. Yet I celebrate that, as I'm sure most people do.

What interests me, is when you take an item which is neither traditionally 'ugly' nor 'on-trend' and see how whilst one person can absolutely love it, another person can think 'um... yuck!'. What's even more interesting is when the two individual's styles aren't that far apart. Today I bought a bracelet which I loved, but which my darling mother definitely thought was 'um... yuck!'. I normally like what I like to be liked by others too, but in this case I really don't care as I am so mesmerised by the beautiful beads and the way they catch the last of the sun's rays.

Have you and someone who is relatively close to you in style ever been polarised by a fashion item?


  1. I think as long as you love something, then that's all that counts. I've quite often bought things my mum hates until a few weeks later when she suddenly admits it's grown on her.

  2. That bracelet is beautiful! My mother tends to think most of my taste is "um, yuck." It's funny how certain things can polarize people though...mostly we have to focus on what we ourselves like. :)

  3. Ha, BCB, I often do that with her clothes.
    Thanks Clothes Horse :) x

  4. I love the beads too.... I actually try not to discuss my likes or dislikes too much in person with ppl...might get messy!