Saturday, 11 April 2009

cute graphics

The Internet is absolutely stuffed with all sorts of games and ways to while away a bored hour; sometimes I wonder how on earth people used to procrastinate. Personally I am not such a fan of these games, probably a combination of me not being very good at them, and the sheer amount of rubbish games you have to wade through to find a gem.

However I do quite like puzzle games, which rely less on super computer technology. The online murder mysteries can be great, although sadly they are very scarce, the graphics are often rudimentary and the solutions always seem a bit half-hearted. So you can imagine how charmed I was when I happened upon Anika's Odyssey, a one-time puzzle which is great because there is no possibility of addiction.

It's short and sweet but surprisingly clever. In fact, I will admit that I cheated a little.. OK, a lot. Nevertheless, it still took me ages to complete because I was spending so long taking screenshots of the unbelievably adorable graphics. How cute??

(click on the picture to enlarge. Yes, it's cute, but I feel some of the magic is lost when it is reduced to microscopic size...)

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