Wednesday, 8 April 2009

ice-cream, you scream

Today I did some holiday preparations, for a trip next week: leg wax, currency exchange, buying some cheap sunnies - more on that tomorrow! It is sooooo the wrong time for a holiday, when I should be working. But I figured, and rightly so, that even if I was at home, I'd probably be wasting my time browsing the internet.

Anyway, even though it won't even be that hot, the nature of the preparations have got me right into the summer mood (and shivering on the street, inappropriately dressed in short shorts and thin tights... oops). And my online window shopping has put me in an even more summery mood.

I dare you not to feel sunny and summery looking at this fabulously ridiculous Mulberry bag:


  1. Oh i love those bags.;D They are so cute and very light to see on summer.;D Love it,have a happy trip.=)

  2. Ahahhaa that is just too cute. ;p feeling in need of a swim now. Heyy thanks for updating my link! =DD Have been a bit busy lately but am going to be going through all your great archives asap!

  3. That tote is darling! So, where is this holiday going to be spent, lady?

  4. I love it! Hope your trip will be as cute as the tote is!