Monday, 23 March 2009

Excuses and more excuses

The dog chewed off my keyboard.

No, a pidgeon flew through the window and stole the PC away.

Actually, I was held at gunpoint and told that if I wrote a post on my blog, they'd shoot.

I thought I'd posted this yesterday but blogger had actually only saved a half-written version as a draft
(no, that one's true).

Recently I just haven't been doing the post a day thing. And there isn't one good reason why; there are lots of bad reasons. But I simply cannot stoop to no posts for three days for a few bad reasons, so instead today I thought I'd share one of those reasons with you.

Yes, I'll agree that it doesn't look too shabby here. In fact, I quite like it. But bear in mind that the stage you see my hair in here is a result of an hour's worth of washing and combing. Everytime I want to wash my hair, I have to give an hour over of my life. Valuable time to chat on the phone, go on Facebook, watch TV... or read, write, work and blog.

About six months ago, I wanted to cut it all off. Immediately I was confronted by a crowd of angry people who threatened to sever our friendship if I took such a step.

So I thought I'd take the opportunity to present you with one of my more time-consuming excuses. Well, it's better than Facebooking and watching TV.


  1. If you're sick of it, I say cut it. It'll grow back and you'll learn if you like it short or not.

    Plus, I can relate to arduous hair-care routines. ;)

  2. I don't know how you manage to write something intelligent every day anyway! I write in spurts of inspiration.

    And I second Sal, if you want to cut it go for it! You're the one who has to wear the hair after all. Everyone tried to stop me cutting mine, even the stylist and the girl in the chair next to me, but I felt better for doing so!

    Saying that is is beautiful long haha

  3. I know hair that gorgeous takes time but it is worth it. But, you will be gorgeous no matter the length of your hair.