Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Although it's been a little bit chilly in recent days, there's no denying the fact that spring has well and truly arrived!

And with it, my morning walks have been made all the more beautiful (and noisy... I can hear birds chirping away now at four in the afternoon!). Today, I was picked a lovely bunch of cherry blossoms. I know lots of people say that you should leave them on the trees, but cherry blossoms bloom for so short a time anyway. Within a couple of weeks, the pavements will be carpets of pinks but the trees will be only green. So I say we should enjoy them as fully as we can, in whichever way we wish.

To cement spring's arrival, a new musical is in town (well, it had a short run in another theatre first, and Broadway before that... but relatively new). I was lucky enough to procure free tickets to see a performance of Spring Awakening at the Novello Theatre. I can safely say I'd never before seen anything quite like it. I seem to be experiencing a run of firsts at the theatre recently, first the first tear-jerker, and now my first ever sexually explicit tragicomic rock musical. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has seen anything like that before?


  1. Would you believe it? That SAME SHOW was just here in Minneapolis! I saw some of the song titles from the musical numbers and knew it prolly wasn't my speed!