Saturday, 21 March 2009

Charming details

Today, I went shopping in search of a book in a foreign language, sportswear and a nice dress. Naturally, I found none of that.

Instead what I found was a long-sleeved t-shirt, something which I rarely find when searching for. All through the winter, I struggled with a couple of bad quality and boring H&M jobs and one over-priced and see-through Topshop one. And as soon as the sun brightened up and the weather turned, my new top decided to show up.

It is indeed a unique specimen of a very rare animal, a long sleeved top costing less than £15, made of thick cotton and a nice cut. But it doesn't stop there. What attracted me to my new top was the charming little details in the design which meant I couldn't leave the shop without it. Uniqlo sells a lot of basics, which are all very well and good and versatile. There are frequent designer collaborations wwith whole collections of dresses, tops etc. But they also have a permanent collection of £12.99 UT T-shirts, with a constantly changing contents of wicked designs by all sorts of designers.

The top I bought today is designed by a team of two: an illustrator called Izuru Aminaka and a stylist, Yoko Omori. And you can so tell with these designs that each one has been thoughtfully created by different and creative people. It's in those charming details.


  1. Oh so pretty!!! Gorgeous details.


  2. I have trouble finding long-sleeved tops, too. And yes, they appear when I don't need them so urgently anymore :/

  3. That top is awesome. I think I wear dresses so much because I hate searching for tops! I have tons of skirts too...

  4. this top is so cheeky-cute. I love it !