Sunday, 15 February 2009


The traditional perception of Valentine's Day may be of a celebration of romantic love, but for me, yesterday seemed to herald the gradual return of my love for fashion.

Even if you don't have a special someone in your life on Valentine's day, that's no excuse for bad underwear. So I started off the pre-Valentine's celebrations with a wonderfully comfortable new bra which has the added bonus of not looking like something out of a 'breast-feeding old lady goes shopping for a new bra!' horror movie.

The next day, I finally got to present my lovely friend with her birthday gift, which I was delighted to see that she was delighted with. I showed you the card a few days ago, but not the packaging itself which matched the present in colour. For some unknown reason, nice wrapping and packaging, shopping bags and boxes, tags and labels are all as beautiful to me as a nice gift itself.

The main aspect of the present was a pair of 1928 earrings (did you guess right?!) They suited her so perfectly that I was once again tempted to reclaim the gift. A true testament to the power of a good pair of earrings.

The beginning of the birthday celebrations happened to be in proximity with lots of shops, and soon I had discovered my own Valentine's gift to myself. On the one hand, the sales are now petering to an end but on the other hand, some serious bargains are to be found. Partly damaged and reduced from £60 to £18, I managed to knock off a whole further £1.80 from a fabulous waist belt (which I had soon fixed with a spot of super-glue). The belt is flattering (well, how can a waist belt not be?) but also a little bit different and exciting. By now I was slowly beginning to feel my shopping mojo returning.

On the way home to prep myself for the evening, it was only natural to pop into a couple more shops whilst in the area. Noticing the sign for Ollie & Nic poking out of an alleyway, I recalled that their sales always had preposterously huge discounts. I wasn't disappointed; if I'd had need for a new purse, gloves, hat or adorable hair slides, I would have been able to empty the whole shop. Instead, I found a beautiful pair of earrings to add to my heavily worn collection, and to console myself with after the loss of the gifted pair. These babies had been reduced from £12 first to £6, then £5 and finally £4!

So, all in all, my this year's Valentine's Day was definitely very full of love-ly things. How about you?


  1. Yes, lovely things :)
    And how great your Vday turned good.


  2. I dont usually celebrate Vday. Hopeyours was good :)

  3. See? Knew that mojo wasn't gone for good.

  4. Ours was very quiet and low key and Lily filled. Al in all it was lovely. Thanks for asking and for sharing yours with us.

  5. Sal, you're always right, you know that ;_
    Aah Belette that sounds lovely!