Tuesday, 17 February 2009


This week, I happened to glance at a rack of magazines in Selfridges. Instead of the usual selection I would have expected to be greeted with, I was presented with two whole rows of ELLE UK magazines. And they all had different covers. At first, I wondered if I was looking at an archive of ELLEs, but it soon became evident that they were all the same March '09 issue.

Further investigation has shown me that several different designers (Stella McCartney, John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood and Christopher Kane) were all asked to design an exclusive cover. I use the word exclusive sceptically, since according to the website you can only buy them online, at LFW and selected WHSmiths but there were plenty in Selfridges.

On top of that, there appear to be two alternative Gwyneth Paltrow covers which mainly differ in colour, one being black and white and one not. In addition, there is the seasonal runway guide which can be purchased seperately. Oh, and don't forget that you can also purchase the magazine in a convenient travel-size (you'll be getting Gwyneth Paltrow in colour then).


  1. Hey!!! That was a really really nice blog..
    Keep on writing ,i do like it and all those pictures.they are so lovely.
    Hope to see you too on my blog..=)

  2. A lot of magazines are doing the multiple covers now, its a nice idea as it makes the magazine more personal?
    Elle is one of my favourites at the moment, funny method journalism and simplified trends and good beauty section

  3. This is a marketing ploy that always fascinates me. As someone who bought print for years, I know that doing a bunch of different covers for the same innards costs TONS. Not sure why this is considered such a great idea ...

  4. I wish our version of Elle looked this good.

  5. I always quite like that with loads of different covers you can pick the one you like the most for yourself...

  6. Wow, a truly mixed bag there!

    I can now admit (if my tone didn't convey this clearly enough) that I'm with Sal on this one; it just seems like a clever way to get the collectors to splash out on five different issues. At the same time, it does show a great deal of hard work and creativity.

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