Wednesday, 18 February 2009


A while ago, I did a tag and one of my quirks was that I have a freckle in one eye. But after writing that post, I set to examine photos of myself and didn't seem to be able to find this freckle.

This was a pretty disturbing moment to me; possibly akin to Jason Bourne discovering his true identity, Henry DeTamble waking up without feet, those dreams where all your teeth fall out. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but we all like to have our quirks and thinking that they've vanished can make you feel a little blank.

But I also noticed that in every photo my whole body, let alone one eye looks completely different. If I happened to be squatting at the wrong moment, my feet mind end up looking about 20cm long. Open your mouth to speak whilst posing for a photo invariably results in the most painfully comic of images. Certain lights can work wonders on your skin and others... don't. So perhaps it isn't so surprising that I found it difficult to find some concrete proof of a subtle brown freckle in my murky green eyes. Whatever anyone tells you to the contrary, the camera does not never lie.

Still, I'm hoping my camera was having a truthful moment when this photo was taken.


  1. Very cool :)

    Light and angles can wreak havoc on photos sometimes- don't worry it happens to everyone! :)

  2. Ooh, I hate those moments where I question things I thought I knew... I'm glad to see your freckle is back, perhaps it was just feeling camera shy that day.

  3. That's a real freckle. It must just be timid.

  4. And I'm glad to see that you can all see it too! x