Monday, 22 December 2008

Inherited Characteristics

Update: done! Finding the right colour was an ordeal, but I managed it (read comments for more details if you're really interested)

So today was the day of almost-last-minute present shopping and Biology revision.

Today I learnt about inherited characteristics, and their reasons: deoxyribose nucleic acid, otherwise known as DNA.

Today I bought my mother some nail varnish I thought she'd been wanting.

Today I realised that I'd bought the wrong colour, Damsel in a Dress instead of Sole Mate.

Today I remembered that my intense fussiness when it comes to gifts is shared with dearest mother through my inherited picky allele.

What do I do??? Yes, they are incredibly similar colours... but DiaD is much more purpleish than the red-tinted SM. I might g a chance to purchase the right colour tomorrow, but it's out of my way and not certain. What woud you do?


  1. Oh dear! I am so sorry (it can be difficult buying gifts for family). I would just give "as is" maybe she'll like the new color more, and give her the receipt if not. Its the holidays, its the thought that counts. Good luck in your decision!

  2. I am hoping that it is possible to transcend genetics. I don't want to be like my mother in her present pickyness and yet I know that I am.

  3. Exchange it. Annoying as it will be to do so, you and your mum will both be happier.

  4. Oh Belette, I really don't think it is possible.

    But then my parents are such polar opposites, so how can I be both???

    Oh and Sal I did! It was a LOT of hassle but lovely Selfridges came up trumps. Have you read/seen Breakfast at Tiffany's? Selfridegs is to me as Tiffany's is to Holly Golightly..

  5. yup. I think exchanging it was definitely the way forward, otherwise you wouldn't be quite happy with it either.