Sunday, 21 December 2008

Did you know...

Did you know...

-that every Christmas, enough wrapping paper to cover 20,000 football pitches is thrown into rubbish bins in the UK alone?

-that all this paper CAN be recycled?

-that I am an avid fan of being green in my living habits although it's my least favourite colour to wear on clothes?

-that I love giving presents and also being a little bit crafty?

-that re-used wrapping paper can look this great?

If you are giving or receiving presents this Christmas or Chanukah, or you know what, on any other present-giving occasion - make sure to reuse and recycle.


  1. What a great call of attention foe all this waist of paper these Xmas days!!!!
    I always try to recycle this kind of paper also.

    Have a Great Holidays Season


  2. Really good points. I am big on gift bags. I suppose that is because I am lazy. But, the lovely thing about gift bags is they can be used over and over.

  3. A great reminder - thanks, lady!