Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Arty Farty

My friend and I had planned to go and take a look at the very well-received Francis Bacon exhibition at the Tate Britain. I looked up the bus routes, figuring out a route which would take me via a place where I could exchange some nail polish.

Then we got off the bus at the wrong place. Then we got lost. Then we asked a very nice policeman for directions, but he was so nice that we didn't really hear the directions properly. We got on a bus and decided it was going on the wrong way. We took the same bus in the opposite direction but this didn't seem to be the right way either. We carried on walking for another 30 minutes before realising that we'd gone in a complete circle and that the last admissions were in 15 minutes.

We gave up and headed for Topshop for some dressing up and photo-taking in the changing rooms. When I uploaded the photos from my mobile onto my PC, I found more photos from yesterday, taken with my sister in some different Topshop changing rooms. I felt a little ashamed at the amount of time I seem to be spending dressing up, but then I remembered the even wilder methods of procrastination I have used in the past.

All Over Sequin Dress (the most unflattering dress EVER alone, but I love the sparkle) and my dream Mongolian Jacket (which is hideously overpriced and also bordering on plain hideous)

The only pair of leggings I have worn since I was a toddler. Velvet, lace and floral... yum!

So yeah, today's cultural pursuits haven't quite worked out. But on the other hand, it was fun trying on lots of pretty clothes! Now I know what to look out for in the sales... does anyone else do this, sometimes?


  1. That sequin dress looks amazing. Unflattering or not, I love sparkles.

  2. The first picture is so glam!

    I often find myself in Forever 21, and think, well I'll just *look* around. Yeah right. I'm just like you, trying on pretty clothes, and somehow rationalizing the purchase 30 minutes later....

  3. Well, I'm in love with sequins... too bad or not, I have no sequins pieces.

    Have a fabulous Holidays season


  4. I, for one, love the sequin dress and the overpriced Mongolian jacket. :-)

    Happy Holidays, darling Pretty Face!

  5. i do it all the time... those leggings are delish. happy xmas!

  6. I love all your responses! Happy holidays to you all too! xxxx

    I think all three together would look deliciously gothic, but right now the leggings are the only possible addition to my actual wardrobe.

    Nevertheless, I think it's important to indulge in the fantasy element of fashion. I would never wear the sequin dress because you could see my whole bra practically and it made me look pregnant.... but hidden under the fluffy fluff..

  7. That is so funny about you getting lost. I do it ALL the time and I'm a Londoner born and bred. The worst is on the Northern line, the bit where it splits in two...argh!! Have a lovely holiday :)

  8. I know you say it's an unflattering dress but the sparkle looks lovely and party ready!
    happy holidays..
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  9. i love the dress. anything sparkly and sequiny makes me so happy.
    i get distracted by shiny objects :)