Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hogwarts Incarnate

I'm not particularly into Harry Potter. I'm also not particularly into quaint village life in the English countryside. A few weeks ago, I visited the university town of Cambridge, expecting to love it. I'm not sure why though, considering that it is quintissentially English and is often described as Hogwarts (the setting of the Harry Potter novels, for those of you who have been living in a cave far, far away) - but anyway, I was wholly underwhelmed. I suppose that will help me narrow down my university choices...

Nevertheless, I am easily charmed, and although I held strong in the face of the many beautiful trees (!), ancient buildings (!!) and numerous bicycles (!!!) I managed to fall in love with the recently installed clock of Cambridge. It was meant to be infallible, but apparently it's already broken down several times. Endearing, I say.

Today, in contrast with yesterday, I am feeling sort of glum. My mood seems to be very volatile right now. When I am feeling glum, I like to surround myself with beauty and today I recalled this beautiful new clock at Cambridge. As with many beautiful things, it was difficult to capture; the crowds of tourists and the distracting reflections in the glass were my two main obstacles, followed by my terrible phone camera. But I think I managed alright.


  1. Whoa. Is that a giant bug on top of it? Part of the mechanism, I assume?

  2. Yeah, it sort of crawls over the wheel... !

  3. I'd say you did perfectly!

    That mechanism does indeed look like a bug.