Friday, 21 November 2008


I've been feeling a little wavy lately; my mood oscillating between excited, angry, bored, hopeful and all the other emotions in between. When I can't be sure how I'll be feeling at any given time, it's harder to decide what to wear. Am I in the mood for one of my more beautiful, less flattering ensembles, or do I just need a comfy tracksuit to lounge around in all day?

When I'm unsure, I tend to step away from my tried-and-tested navy/grey/gold/black uniform and venture into the dizzying heights of colour and glitter. Almost like a mood lift in the form of clothing, I veer towards the unpredictable. Tonight, my mood and my outfit matched the transformed outfit of London's South Bank, which was adorned with Christmassy glitter and sparkle.


  1. adorable! the skirt is wonderful, those heart buttons are so cute.. and tights are fab, too. i own some just like those as well but never wore them as i find they're kind of hard to style. you do it so well, though :)

  2. Thanks, Mettch!
    They're actually knee-high socks. I don't wear them much either because they're so itchy, so I layered them over black tights. It was warm, too!

  3. Gosh, that skirt is cute. I just love the color, and the buttons, of course!