Sunday, 23 November 2008

Fashionable Fatigue

This past weekend I have been amazingly unproductive. Yesterday, I had to wake up early after a late Friday night, and leave the house for a couple of hours. That appears to have been my undoing; for the rest of the day I hopelessly lolled around with a headache, some books and DVDs. The long list of work to do was disrespectfully blanked. God, I even came over all pensioner-like with a 4PM nap.

And today, when I got out of bed it was almost midday (that may be normal on a Sunday for most people, but I rarely sleep past 9 o'clock. I have to go out this evening but I'm still wearing my pyjamas. Oh, the shame.

As I wondered if it might be a good idea to get dressed, I got to thinking about the function of pyjamas. Primarily required to sleep in, their number one priority is for warmth and comfort. Of course, in certain situations a level of sexiness might come in useful. But when it gets to the point that you're so worn out from the week's activities, and you no longer have the energy or motivation to get dressed - and this appears to be happening to me more and more - might it be a good idea to have some more stylish sleeping garb?

I was inspired by enc's post about 'aspiring to lounge'. Wouldn't it be nice to wear a beautiful silk or cashmere kimono whilst dutifully lazing about? You could be a glamorous old-Hollywood movie star and do housework at the same time.

'Silk Robe' by Louis Icart - 1926

Topshop, as per usual, have recognised our need to have glamorous loungewear and have come up trumps with an Embroidered Nude Silk Robe.Just make sure you don't spill your tea or biscuits on it.


  1. Isn't it funny how embarrassed we get over a single PJ day? As if someone will see and judge and point and laugh at our laze or fatigue?

    I love the idea of sexy pyjams, but I just can't do 'em. I'm all about cotton knit.

  2. Very pretty. I actually have a silk kimono...but I never wear it.

  3. I suppose you're right, Sal!

    Wow, sounds wonderful the clothes horse! I hope you had a good time in Budapest x

  4. I'd love to have a great silk kimono. They're so flowy and feminine! I'm sure I'd spill tea AND biscuits on it, though.

    I'm all for staying in your pajamas if you want to.