Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Nail Rainbow

I rarely wear any make-up - you can probably tell that from the sparsity of my 'beauty potions' posts. I like to think I'm simply stunning enough to go au naturelle but in all honesty I'm just very lazy when it comes to that. But I do have a bit of a thing for nail polish; my nails are rarely naked, if not colourful then at least covered with a transparent coat or some subtle pink. When I was younger, I amassed quite a rainbow collection of green, purple, blue, pink and red but I lost that and the rest of my make-up box (quite literally, a huge wooden box) somewhere along the way.

Then a few years ago, the collection started up again. Most recently, I decided a deep gothic sort of purple would be a nice colour to have, cue my latest acquisition: M.A.C's Dark Angel Nail Lacquer. Sounds wonderfully gothic, no? As I got out my nail varnish box (this time, a more modest mobile phone package cardboard box) and lined up all my colours, I realised that I already own a purple polish - several years old from Boots and now so dried up that I had no option but to throw it away. So my new nail lacquer was no waste but I still found myself shocked by quite how many rainbow colours I'd forgotten I had.

The complete collection.

As you can see, I don't discriminate by brand. I did, however, get rid of several bottles and they were mostly a cheap brand you can buy in a Turkish market for approximately £1. I didn't chuck the silver or gold colours, but I was left wondering when I will ever feel the need to wear silver or gold nails. Right now I mostly wear my Chanel navy and Barry M hot pink or red. Maybe next time I should go for a rainbow...


  1. I have that Chanel navy too; like you I have a lot of colour and glitter within my make-up box but for months have stuck with the black polish.

    Maybe red would be nice for Christmas though?

  2. I'm hoping to get a few months out of dark purple! x

  3. A rainbow would be fun.

    I like almost every single color of nail varnish available. I think I'm sort of everybody's girl when it comes to nails.